Agro Technologies

Pioneers in Sustainable Agriculture.

Did you know that Arizona faces critical drought?  Freeman Farms is the only farm that has invested in technology to increase the quantity and quality of produce while at the same time conserving water, energy, soil and land.  Through computer controlled irrigation schedules, Freeman Farms exponentially reduces water usage and pumping requirements.  By targeting the root of the plant with underground drip, Freeman Farms reduces salinization that ruins soil.  By using organic, biodegradable mulch, Freeman Farms eliminates the need for herbicides and reduces the need for pesticides.  And we use Peppermint/ Chrysanthemum oil as a pesticide!  The result is that Freeman Farms grows more and higher quality produce without the need for agricultural sprawl.  Freeman Farms has invested in your child's future!

Freeman Farms- The Living Lab! 

Norm Freeman has been engineering computer control systems for agriculture and other industries for forty years.  Freeman Farms began as a proving ground for Norm's business, Essential Data Control Systems.  After evaluating Norm's systems, the Natural Resources Conservation Center (NRCS) will EQUIP (help finance) other farms to convert to similarly efficient systems.  While no public funding was used at Freeman Farms, the local High School was able to benefit from the program.  Norm then decided to open the facility for school children and the public to learn about sustainable agriculture in Arizona.  In the midst of extreme drought and  high development, Arizona agriculture is at risk.  Freeman Farms has proven there is a better way!  And the research continues ... Norm now controls the entire farm from his smartphone.  His new systems recently have been installed to provide water to cattle over thousands of acres, grow various produce at large commercial farms, help extract proteins for food processes, maintain banking data, control dams, reduce pollution from mining and much more! 

As a proponent of technology, Norm wanted to give kids the opportunity to see technology in practice- beyond gaming and Facebook.  Norm also designed Freeman Farms to be interactive, with attractions that engage kids and families.  The shows and activities at Freeman Farms are reminiscent of fairs before fried twinkies and bouncy tents!  So come out to Freeman Farms for a unique experience!